Mr Wedding World Destination Schedule

Mr Wedding is a well-known destination pre wedding photographer. We provide photography services in various locations. We are mainly Malaysia-based Company. At present, we are providing services in Malaysia and Singapore. We have the desire to cover any location to provide our services. Hence, we are offering pre-wedding photo shoot services at a very good price. We have created our schedule for 2017.

Let’s have a look at the locations that we are about to cover:

Taiwan and Tioman Island Malaysia

Taiwan and Tioman Island in Malaysia are two amazing locations for the photo shoot. We will cover these areas on March 2017. Tioman is one of the best island gateways in the earth. It contains warm water and eye catching scenic beauty. Therefore, you must not miss the chance to join us on March to take pictures. It is a paradise for the couples for pre-wedding photography. View the wedding photos at taiwan pre wedding photography and tioman pre wedding photography in our gallery.

Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

In April 2017, we will cover Kota Kinabalu Malaysia. The location is famous for beaches, monuments, and museums. You will enjoy the local culture while taking photos. Photos in the beaches and front of monuments will be memorable for a long period. Furthermore, we will cover most of the beautiful sites so that you get the best pictures. View the wedding photos at kota kinabalu pre wedding photography in our gallery.

Bali Island Indonesia

We will cover Bali Island Indonesia in May. In this month, the island remains shiny. The weather also remains good for the photo shoot. Hence, May is the best month to visit and take pictures in this location. The beauty of this island needs no explanation. It is the Indonesian paradise that is more like fantasy. So, this site is worth visiting and taking pre-wedding snaps. View the wedding photos at bali pre wedding photography in our gallery.

Rawa Island Malaysia

Rawa Island is a major tourist area. It is a popular spot for the couples. You will enjoy fresh air and weather of this island. Green surrounding and sea beach create the perfect frames for taking pre-wedding photos. There are many resorts and eco-parks including coral reefs. So, you will the whole time while taking photos. We will cover this area during June 2017. View the wedding photos at rawa pre wedding photography in our gallery.


Macau is the autonomous region on the south coast of China. We will cover Macau in August. It is the favorite place for the couples. Couples like this site for the pre-wedding photo shoot in various historical locations. Hence, we are interested in taking our photo shoot services to Macau. View the wedding photos at macau pre wedding photography in our gallery.

Phuket Island

Phuket Island lies in Thailand. There are many tourist spots in this island. The cultural theme parks, coral reef, water rafting, marine parks, and many other sites make this site favorable for couple photo shooting. We will visit this place in November. View the wedding photos at phuket pre wedding photography in our gallery.

Promotional Offers

We are offering provide overseas wedding photo shooting services at low promotional price. We do not keep any hidden cost. Hence, you will not have to fear of any extra cost. Also, you will not have to bear the expense of our photographers and makeup artists.

Do not forget also we are welcome any destination suggestion if your dream wedding location is out of our journey, contact us to get you customized package.

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