We offer a range of packages to our customers. Our Packages include wedding photography, photo editing, and wedding makeup, and Destination Photography. Our packages are flexible and reasonably priced. We can modify them according to your requirements. So, if you are planning for spending holidays or pre-wedding photo shoot in Malaysia or any other destination, we can assure you the best package in the market for Pre-wedding photo shoot or Couple shoots.

Let’s have a look at our packages in details.

Wedding Photography Services

We provide all types of wedding photography services. We specialize in all of them because we have extensively trained photographers who have managed to bring immense satisfaction for the clients. Our wedding photography services are as follows:

  • Pre-Wedding Photography: It takes place before the actual wedding day. The pre-wedding photography session is very necessary for the bride and groom as it helps to go close to each other, understand poses, dressing, and also become easy with the photographer. You will be able to show the Pre-wedding photos on the actual wedding day to the audience as a slide show. It will work as an introduction session on the marriage day.
  • Actual Day Wedding Photography: It is the special day for both the bride and groom. Hence, we put our best effort to capture every special moment on this day. On this day, we will cover the couples, the programs, the wedding venue, and the beautiful decoration so that you get some long lasting memories of every moment.
  • Destination Photography: We are also destination photographers. We are willing to cover any destination for pre-wedding photography. Our Destination Photography package includes photo shooting in Singapore, Taiwan, Tioman Island in Malaysia, Bali Island, Rawa Island, Macau, and Phuket Island in Thailand. Apart from the above mentioned locations, we create package for location according to your demand. You will not have to bear the cost of our photographers. There is also no hidden cost. You will pass a very enjoyable time with us while taking photos.

Our wedding photography is very simple if you order for the full set of package. The price is also very reasonable. We provide the soft copies of the photos immediately to the couples.

Photo Editing Services

If you have to edit any photo, just send it to us, and we will do the rest. We perform photo editing in two levels which differentiate our services from others:

  • First of all, we perform color correction and retouching. We adjust the white balance, brightness and contrast, cropping and straightening, sharpening, noise reduction, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, cleaning up of stray hairs, face beauty, and body slim.
  • Finally, we perform enhancement of coloring. For this, we adjust the color to make it more perfect. Moreover, we try to make your photo look more professional.

We guarantee the privacy and security of your photo. Hence, once you send it to us, we will not share, publish, or give access to it to any third party without your opinion. Only our authorized team members will work on it.

Wedding Makeup Services

Our wedding makeup services are specialized and unique. We have the best makeup artists who will make you shine brightly on your wedding day. We will try out best to make you look outstanding on the wedding day so that you look gorgeous. We perform full grooming from makeup to dress up. We have experienced artists who can decorate wedding venue and make it look amazing. Our clients also admire our car decoration service.

Our packages are affordable for the clients. To know more about our packages, you may contact us.