The wedding is a lifetime event in any person’s life. A wedding ceremony contains a lot of memories that are worth preserving. Here comes the need of accomplished and experienced wedding photographers who can capture the moments at their best. Mr Wedding have excellent photographers in our team who are more focused on the pre-wedding photography.

Purposes of pre wedding photoshoot


Pre wedding photoshoot has become common now a day. It is an integral part of wedding photoshoot. It is about breaking the ice with the photographer. There are four purposes of pre-wedding photography. They include:

  • You will get lifetime memories in the form of romantic pictures and videos.
  • You will get the chance to know your photographer well and understand his instructions before the actual wedding photoshoot day.
  • We get the opportunity to know about each other rather than seeing strangers on the wedding day.
  • It will groom you to improve your sense of dressing and body language before the wedding day.

Create a perfect wedding photos


Our pre-wedding photo shoot program is pre-planned. Hence, you will not have to stress or worry about how to dress up or pose. We will choose the makeup, dress up and location apart from you. But if you have the own choice, we will respect it. We understand that you are entering into a new world of togetherness. Our pre-wedding photo shoot service is designed to increase the chemistry between the couples and help them get comfortable with us before the actual wedding day. We believe that the best photo is the result of the cooperation between the couples and the photographers. In this way, we try to understand and observe your best postures, moves, creative angles, poses, and comfort zones which will ensure superior quality wedding photos that you will hold precious memories for the days ahead.

Currently, we are Malaysia-based photographers. Now, we are covering big wedding ceremonies in Malaysia and Singapore. But we are interested in any destination. It does not matter wherever you are in the world. We will reach you with our best wedding photography services. We specialize in both random romantic clicks and take photos in story pattern. Photos in story pattern will help you to show your lovely love story on the actual wedding day or any other events.

We have a team of the wedding photographer with extensive training and experience. We not only focus on our photography skills. We focus on capturing the best moments through using our photography sense. We love our work and try to find out the best pictures with the passion. Through the years of hard work, our team has been able to bring satisfaction to thousands of clients with our best in class photography services. Let check our video behind the scenes.

Along with pre-wedding photo shoot, we offer a broad range of services such as wedding gown and groom’s suit rental, developing wedding planner, and more. We have skilled and experienced make-up artists, designers, and consultants who can make your lifetime event perfect.

To know more about us and our unique services, you may contact us.